Osso Buco
This traditional Northern Italian Dish can be made the day before.

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Ravioli al' Arancia
A staple at Peppercorns Grill this unique dish has proven to be a long-time crowd pleaser

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Gnocchi alla Romana with Saltimboca
Saltimbocca, meaning “jump in the mouth”, is veal rolled in prosciutto and sage.

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Mama Cialfi's
Almond Cookies

Simply to make these cookies will astonish
your guests!

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Chef’s secrets:
01.Making Osso Buco the day before will actually enhance the flavors.
02.Caramelizing the butter first will make the orange sauce sweeter. Melting the butter slowly will make a creamer sauce. It's up to your personal tastes which way you would like to go.
03.When cooking the gnocchi pull them out of the water as soon as they float to the top. Submurse them in cold water, drain and coat with oil if you don't plan to use them right away.
04.When rolling out the almond cookies keep a bowl confectioner sugar nearby. Coating the cookies before you roll them will help them not stick to your hands.
Dino Cialfi (chef)