Wine pairing

Is there a right or wrong way to pair wine with food?.
Wine writers always say things like "a '94 Chianti Classico from Antinori's Guado al Tasso estate is the perfect match for this pork loin with roasted hen-of-the-woods mushrooms." But are there really perfect wine and food matches? Is there really only one ideal wine for every dish? —Will Mischner, Camden, SC

The fact is there are very few extraordinary combinations when it comes to wine and food, just as there are very few combinations that are truly terrible.

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Featured Wines

  • Justin Chardonnay$37 
  • Pascal Jolivet “Sancerre"$38 
  • Cloudy Bay “Sauv Blanc”$55 
  • 95 Gaja Barbaresco$250 
  • ColdiSole Brunello$125 
  • Gaja “Dragomis”$110 
  • Avignonesi “Vino Nobile”$46 
  • 02 Ornellaia Italian Cab$250 
  • Cusamano, Syrah$32 
  • Faust Cabernet$100 
  • 98 Opus One$300 
  • 99 Opus One$300 
  • Cakebread Merlot$90 
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